I remember my conversation with one of the doctors back in Fiji who was helping some locals with their cancer blood presure and other sickness.I remember some people who were resigned from the local hospital back to their homes as their sickness was in the last stage.They were just ordinary people and they didn’t put much in their life style and religion they belive in.By the word of others they’ve been coming to that doctor who’s name is Salise searching for some advice and possible recovery and as doctor Salise was meeting them here is what exactly he said:
If you come to me to be healed here is what you should do:
  1. Do eat only raw food.(All the sickness in our body come only from what we consume and eat)
  2. Morning excesses
  3. Drink natural juice (Smoothies) – Berries,Nuts Soya Milk or water,some greens,garlic, honey all blended
  4. Visit our daily morning worship with Lord praising  hymns every time you come to my clinic
This is the only way how you can recover from your sickness.
If you neglect anything of above listed requirements you may no longer come to my clinic as I will pay no responsibilities for your further treatment”
Now I will tell you that I personally seen those people who came back to their work after being treated by this method.I also heard about those who did everything what Salise said but when they come back to their homes they had been eaten meat and non vegan food and that cost them their life. What I had learned from that and I stronly belive in was: That our heavenly Farther has made us in that way so when we eat right food and exercise our body our blood vessels can produce some vital sells that can fight any sickness in our human body.Here is the very easy formula that you should remember for the rest of your life:
Proper food + Body excesses (that warm up your blood temperature to the higher level when it produces some vital healing sells which treat us naturally) + Our Spiritual harmony with our Creator is the most important part in this formula.
If you explore it deeply this healing formula comes up from the very well known science book which name is the Holy Bible.
Author: Andrey


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