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Terms of Service

What ever material is going to be published it is going to be monitored by the Friends Network administration.Please do not publish anti Christian and Propagand containing publication as they may be not accepted by other members. I also become aware of that my account could be totally deleted without any notification if I declare not genuine information about my identity during sugn up process.

By creating an account with Friends Network you should be also aware of that your newly registration data may be deleted from the system if:

*  Your Profile data contain not genuine information about your identity
*  Your spam looking email address like and etc.
*  Your email address hasn't been confirmed.
*  You have entered fake information about your name,address,country of origin.and etc
*  You continually publish meaningless information which incudes some links leading to some third place web sites and may harm or negatively impact our members privacy.
*  Your new Friends account creation is identical to some previous registrations that we had experienced at our network.So if you have had already attempt creating an account with us under different email addresses.Your Friends profile hasn't been completed properly (profile photo,contact information).
*  Your IP data are masked. 
    Please read more about our worries
    Please note that the Friends Network is not targeting to become a million user network but genuine member's business and friendship communication only.We provide free commercial and advertising tools to our genuine members.Please note that if your new Friends Network registration is going to be an explore type of visit we will anyway strongly recommend you to follow our registration requirements listed above. If you like to be a net worker we can also recommend you to try and sign up with some other networks listed bellow that will likely accept your account registration in that way you want it to be.

    What could be done to have your Friends current account approved:
    Please try to correct your personal information by adding your actual email address,profile photo,your country of origin including address and contact information.