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  • News Flash! November 11. 2015 November 11th, 2015 Product Solutions Unlimited 2015 PSU) are now open for business.   Have a look our website, the address is ….. Please go in and look around, there are many search boxes that will take you to products from around the world! Do not let the title put you off!!! We chose to create special pages of Outdoor Sports  for beginners wanting to get involved as individuals or  families and friends , as well as the regular or specialist people and club members. We represent all products from anywhere in the world! Cook Books: Have a page on their own, because being parents, we are looking to help the young newly weds,  as well as the general public and the gourmet chefs. There is a shopping list on the right side of the page that will take you to all the other books that Amazon retails. Amazing Fishing: Now, our Fishing Section covers Sea Fishing Products, Fresh Water Coarse fishing Products and Trout and Salmon Fishing Products. We have provided some information and videos for the novice. I was taught by my father when I was ten years of age, and I still get a thrill when the fish takes the bait, you just do not know what you have hooked until you get it landed. I will never forget the twenty nine pound/13 kilo’s I caught off a boat in  The Auckland New Zealand Harbour. This is a great sport for all the family. Join a club and meet new friends, swap , buy and sell fishing tackle. Clubs arrange trips for singles or families. They hold competitions, BBQ’s  & they have a lot of enjoyable times. Electronics: We can supply all your needs in this market.  Main consumer electronics products include radio receivers, television sets, MP3 players, video Projectors, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, personal computers Video & sound recorders, Video Projectors, video game consoles, telephones and mobile phones. The days of getting ready to go out to the Theater and maybe a meal are no longer a treat as they were to our parents. Today we have it all in the home. We can still have a fancy meal, but, with family and friends at home, we can relax and just be ourselves without the care of who is watching us.   We can see  films over the Television Network  or from Hire Companies and our screen can be plain or ornate with Auto Curtain Control. Fading Lights are also available.   We can put on a really professional performance.  What about a Karaoke evening?   The possibilities today are limitless! Household Goods: These are goods and products used within our households. They are the tangible and movable personal property. Examples of household goods include:- All moveable goods in the - Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Family Rooms. Great Rooms and Bedrooms. Recreation Rooms, Hallways, Bathrooms, Attics, and Basements plus any other rooms in the House. Again aimed at the  young ones and newly Weds’. But good news for everyone. Gardening: The Number One Favorite Pastime for home owners! I have never met anyone who does not appreciate a beautiful well kept garden! If you are new to this wonderful hobby, may we suggest that you either download the free e-book offered on the site, purchase a book or two on Gardening in your area or sign up for a weekly or monthly Gardening Magazine with your local News Agent. Gardening Clubs are a great way to meet local people, and they have garden plant and equipment sales. They give good advice and some will even help you to plan and give a hand with the conversion. Boats & Boating: More Good News!  We have extended our range of products and can now offer to you a full range of Boating accessories, from Boat Building Kit Sets to Finished Boats! Just about every child is into boats, Model Motor boats, Sailing Boats and Radio Controlled Boats. For many this is where their first desire to be a Boatie, comes from! In New Zealand, which is a long narrow country, just about every resident can get to the sea. Young boys love nothing better than going Fishing or Boating with their Dads. There is video’s on Resurrecting and Refurbishing older boats. We can supply all your needs if you are a boat owner, or looking to be one. Auto Accessories: With ever increasing costs, it is becoming more and more prudent to do as much work on your vehicle as you can. Again there is some good advice and a full range of products for you to look over and search for! If you get some good advice and follow the procedures laid down in the manual you will soon be very good at this work. No matter what sort of vehicle you drive! How much does the garage charge for work you can do yourself? Get yourself a workshop manual for the vehicle you own and start to save your hard earned money! These manuals are essential when working on your vehicles Camping: Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, beneficial to the whole family! People leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones, in pursuit of activities, providing them with enjoyment plus the benefits of excercise, sunshine and relaxation! As a family or with friends,camping involves sheltering in the open air, a Tent, Caravan, Motor Home,or a Primitive Structure.     Camping is a key part of many youth organizations around the world, such as Scouting, which use it, to teach both self-reliance and teamwork!  Just go in and look around there s a video for you to look at and much information. Then there are other pages for:- Camera, Photo & Video -  Books, Literature & Fiction  there are up to 50% off selected books! - Music - Sports & Outdoors - Toys & Games - Deals of the day - Clothing for the family - Products for the Wedding!  There is no end to what is available to us all.This on line shopping site has been made so easy for you. Try it for yourself, it is money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. Just follow the on site instructions it is so easy! Jerry   Posted in Family, General Interest, Handy Hints, Jerry's Page, News Spots, Our Links Page, Retail Trading, We are now open for business at http:// | Edit | 1 Comment »

  • Welcome to our little studio. We are glad to share with you the best sound tracks that we used and heard in the global media!

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  • Помогите построить церковь. Христиане города Тында обнаружили свою единственную церковь сожженную до тла. Причины пожара или поджога до сих пор неизвестны однако отчаянные прихожане собирают по копейке что бы пострить новую церковь где они снова смогут собиратся и служить Богу. Строительсво церкви идет своими силами и средсв на строительсво катострофически не хватает. Ситуация осложняется тем что участок земли находится в аренде. В случае если объект не будет сдан в эксплуатацию аренда данной территории может быть онулированна и люди могут потерять не только место где они всегда служили Богу но и свои средсва которые они уже пожертвовали для строительсва нового молитвенного дома.   В настоящий момент церковь построена на 40% процентов пожалуйста примите уччастия в этом благородном деле пожертвовав любую сумму на строительсво. Мы заранее благодарны вам за вашу помошь.    Для того что бы перевести любую сумму онлайн пожалуйста пройдите на вкладку пожертвования где можно провести оплату с любой картой виза или дебит. Спасибо!

  • Мы собираем средсва на ремонт нашего молитвенного дома в городе Находка, Примормкого края. Наша церковь очень маленькая и прихожане в основном пожилые люди, которые зачастую не в состоянии принять участие в этом благом деле как физически так и материально. Мы ищем вашей помощи в том числе материальной для того что бы мы смогли собрать средсва и отремонтировать нашу церковь в которую могли бы приходить все желающие служить нашему Богу.

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