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It is Time for Price Control & Control of our Government!!

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    November 10, 2016 10:00 AM NZDT
    It Really is Time for Price Control !!!! IF YOU VALUE WHAT WE HAD AS OUR KIWI LIFESTYLE, YOU HAD BETTER READ THIS ARTICLE AND GET YOUR BACKSIDES OFF THE COUCH AND AWAY FROM THE TV FOR A WHILE, GET INVOLVED WITH GETTING YOUR COUNTRY BACK TO IT’S OLD WAY OF LIFE AND KICK OUT THE UN & IMF’S PAGAN DICTATORSHIP, THEY ARE CORRUPT BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION!!! I have spent some time over the past few years wondering just how much above a reasonable profit we are paying for goods and services!!! When you look back at the prices we were paying before the recession, we were being ripped off and still are. LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF SALES OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS!!! ANYTHING FROM 10% TO 70% OFF THE FIXED PRICE. THIS IS NONSENSE, IF THESE PRICES WERE NOT INFLATED IN THE FIRST PLACE THESE BUSINESSES WOULD BE SELLING BELOW COST IF THE HIGHER PERCENTAGES WERE TAKEN OFF A FAIR MARK UP. I met a guy in one of the DIY Super markets, he was a supplier of products to this particular company. and his products were now 800% above what he sold them for. These companies should be penalised for profiteering! Another person tells me that when he was in business his boss told him all products and services had to have a minimum of 700% mark up. Then there was a friend who worked for a bag manufacturer in Auckland, he told me that the bag prices were what ever the boss thought they were worth! This was so much over the cost price, it was a rip, off!!! IT IS TIME WE ALL LET THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT KNOW 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' WE WANT PRICE CONTROL. THIS NEW GOVERNMENT OF LABOUR, NEW ZEALAND FIRST AND GREENS WILL HOPEFULLY TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND! WE ARE IN AN ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, AND DO NOT LET THE NATIONAL PARTY TELL YOU WE ARE IN THE TOPS IN THE WORLD WHEN THE WORLD IS SUFFERING FROM THIS DEPRESSION. REMEMBER: THE IMF OWNS US, AS THEY OWN GREECE, SPAIN AND ITALY ETC., THEY LENT MULDOON MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR THE NATIONAL PARTIES SELL OUT OF NEW ZEALAND (REMEMBER THE 20 CLAUSES THAT WERE SIGNED IN THE 1980’s.) THE IMF OWNS US AND WE ARE NOW MEMBERS OF THE ‘ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT’ BY DEFAULT, AS ARE THOSE OTHER INDEBTED COUNTRIES. OUR INTERNAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MAY SHOW A SURPLUS ? BUT, WE OWE A MAJOR AMOUNT TO THE IMF AND WE ARE STILL BORROWING. MULDOON STARTED THIS DOUBLE BOOK ACCOUNTING AND CLOSED THE MANY INCOME BOOKS, such AS THE MOTORING BOOK WAS BULGING ATT HE SEMS AND HE WANTED TO GET HIS HANDS ON IT FOR OTHER PURPOSES AND SO HE CREATED THE ONE general account AND SO THE ROADING ACCOUNT WAS NOW SHUT! HENCE THE NATIONAL PARTIES LACK OF FORWARD PLANNING ON OUR ROADS TO ACCOMMODATE THE INFLUX OF IMMIGRATION THEY CAUSED BY THEIR OPEN DOOR IMMIGRATION POLICY! THANK YOU WINSTON PETERS FOR PLUGGING THIS HOLE! IF THEY TOLD US THE TRUTH WE LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD WOULD BE WELL INTO THE RED. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE National Party CLOWNS AND THEIR CREATIVE ACCOUNTING!!! IT IS TIME TO PULL THE PLUG AND GET THIS COUNTRY BACK TO THE DAYS OF (SPQR) ‘Small Profit Quick Returns’ OUR SUPPLIERS, MANUFACTURERS, TRUCKING AND AIR SERVICES ARE PLAYING THE OVERKILL GAME AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO KNOW WHO IS PAYING THE PRICE, AND WHO PAYS THE MOST TAXES. NO WONDER THE GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR IS GETTING WIDER. WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF AND THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT WAS ENJOYING FEEDING THEIR OVER FAT MATES BANK ACCOUNTS!!! CHECK THE PYJAMAS YOU BOUGHT FROM ‘EVERY ONE GETS A BARGAIN’. I HAVE TWO PAIR AND I CHECKED THEM OUT AFTER A TIP OFF! GUESS WHAT THE PANTS HAVE ODD LEGS THE PATTERNS HAVE BEEN REVERSED. THE FRONT PANELS DO NOT COINCIDE WITH THE SHOULDER PATTERN AND THE BACK PANEL DOES NOT MATCH THE SHOULDER PANEL EITHER. EVEN THE POCKET ON THE FRONT HAS BEEN SEWN ON WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT OF MATCHING THE PATTERN. The material has a number of manufacturing faults, the print has not covered and so the material has white dots and the odd line that is also white. China has three classes of goods and the place where every one gets a bargain buys the lowest rubbish grade! I got that from a friend who knew a retired buyer for that company! WE ARE BUYING FACTORY SECONDS! THIS SORT OF NONSENSE HAS BEEN GOING ON SO LONG WE HAVE LOST THE ART OF SEEING THE FAULTS. SO GUYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS AND TAKE THEM BACK FOR A REFUND!!! THIS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, WE ARE BEING SOLD RUBBISH AND WE ARE ACCEPTING IT AS A RIGHT. MY PARENTS AND GRAND PARENTS WOULD NEVER HAVE ACCEPTED THIS MANUFACTURED RUBBISH! We need to be more aware of what we are allowing to take place in this corrupt world!!! We were once proud Kiwis, now we are being ripped off by our own people!!! I have stopped buying New Zealand because the mark ups are too high. I now buy from the hospice shops and recycled shops and I get some really nice bargains.As for meat and veggies the Sunday markets are much cheaper than the shops and super markets!!! So it would be good to know what the Drug Companies mark up is. Perhaps this is why the government refuse to allow natural products on the health service because the Drug Bosses have them in their grip and they cannot Patent or Copyright natural products. So much for the want of following the Old testament when the Creator said “I have supplied every herb and berry for your good health!” These guys say oh no ,they do not work! THEY WORK ALL RIGHT, BUT THEY CANNOT RIP US OFF BY PATENTS AND COPYRIGHTS!!! So we are deprived of the stuff that will give us respite! This is a business that cannot afford to cure us totally! That would be tantamount to cutting their business and profits down, would it not? What business does that? No, not one, they all want a regular income by increased sales!!! So they offer ‘Buy one and get two’- RUBBISH they would go broke, they price the one to cover the cost of two. This increases their purchasing power, the larger their orders for parts the cheaper they are. the value of the business is based on turnover. double your turnover and hey you are in the big business value. COME ON GUYS IT IS TIME TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. WE HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH OF THESE HARD HEARTED CONTROLS, THEIR ALLOWING THE BUSINESS SECTOR TO BLEED US AND GET RICH. CAN YOU AFFORD THE FLASH HOUSES , CARS, BOATS AND WAY OF LIFE THEY ENJOY FROM THESE EXCESS PROFITS??? ARE YOU HAPPY PAYING THESE GUYS EXCESS PROFITS??? And they on their vast incomes in comparison to ours, pay a lot less tax! Disgusting and it must stop! IT IS TIME THEY WERE MORE EFFICIENT AND INCREASED PROFITS FROM DECREASED COSTS AND BE CONTENT WITH REASONABLE MARK UPS. STOP SELLING OUR RAW MATERIALS OVERSEAS! WE NEED TO MANUFACTURE TO INCREASE JOBS FOR OUR PEOPLE AND STOP MAKING OTHER COUNTRIES RICH AT OUR EXPENSE! YES, WE NEED A CHANGE!!!A CHANGE BACK TO HONEST TRADING! A CHANGE THAT INCLUDES THE POPULATION, IN A BETTER STANDARD OF LIVING!A CHANGE FROM THESE RIP OFF MERCHANTS! WE NEED TO GET BACK TO THE WAY OF LIFE WE HAD, WHERE WE ALL GOT A REASONABLE & FAIR SHARE OF THE KIWI LIFESTYLE. ‘NEW ZEALAND,FOR ALL NEW ZEALANDERS’!!! And Winston Peters s just the man for the job! If the world wants part of our kiwi way of life then they need to abide by our rules!!! They asked to come here! We agree only as long as they accept our way of life! If they do not and try to change it DEPORT THEM BACK TO THAT HELL HOLE THEY CAME FROM! One person or husband and wife and children coming in does not mean the older generations have the right to also come in on their application or because their young family is already here!!!. They must speak and understand reasonable English. They have to realise and accept we are a Christian country with a multitude of religions and we will not allow any one to change our way of life! We will pray in public and schools if we want to. that is our way of life! If you want to share this way of life then you sign a contract that will return you to your country of origin if you start to interfere with the KIWI WAY OF LIFE. If you want to practice a different way of life, then what you do in your own homes and churches is OK, but the moment they try to inflict it on the New Zealanders they get sent home!!! IT IS NOT RIGHT THAT PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES INTERFERE WITH OUR WAY OF LIFE!!!!!! We need to apply the Bible Old Testament law that says all prostitutes must wear face coverings!!! This would correct the Burqua problem over niight! Right, now guys, compared to 65 years ago when we owned New Zealand, tell me who owns us now??? Too right the off shore barons that our so called governments (managers of New Zealand’s Tax monies and Assets) have sold us out too! They are working to their own agendas not ours!!!! They must go, just on the fact that in 65 years they have managed to sell us out, destroy our freedom to live our unique lifestyle!!! In case we upset the immigrants!!! Sorry buttoo bad they asked to come here and therefore they MUST ACCEPT OUR WAY F LIFE! OTHERWISE GO BACK TO THET HELL HOLE YOU LRF T, WE DO NOT WANT IT HERE THANK YOU!!! NATIONAL and the LABOR governments are puppets to the UN and the IMF and WE NEED TO TURN THIS AROUND AND STOP THEM TELLING US WHAT THEY WANT US TO DO!!!! WE TOLD THE YANKS TO GET LOST WHEN THEY WANTED ATOMIC SHIPS TO VISIT!!! NOW IT IS TIME TO TELL THE UN AND THE IMF THE SAME. THEY HAVE TOO MUCH POWER AND IF THEY GET THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OFF THE GROUND LOOK OUT!!! THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST AND MOST CORRUPT SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE SEEN SINCE THE DARK AGES!!! YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FREEDOM OF SPEECH, YOU WILL BE IMPRISONED OR PUT TO DEATH IF YOU OPPOSE THE PAGAN DICTATORSHIP!!! READ YOUR BIBLES IT IS ALL PROPHESIED IN THE BOOKS OF REVELATIONS AND THE PROPHETS!!! If we do not stop this madness we will never be able to say we are unique!!! We will be part of any other countries way of life> (THAT IS WHY THEY ARE MAKING COUNTRIES TAKE EVER INCREASING NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS, TO OVERPOWER THE RESIDENTS OF OUR COUNTRIES. LOOK AT EUROPE, VERY SOON THEY WILL BE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. SO GUYS IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN! THEN YOU SHOULD IMMIGRATE AND GET TO HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BIGGEST PART OF OUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!! Jerry
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    November 10, 2016 1:37 PM NZDT

    that's true

  • October 25, 2017 6:23 PM NZDT

    immigrants are the engine of the local economy:)

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    December 17, 2017 11:10 AM NZDT

    W e welcome immigrants that truly want to be part of our way of life! But those that come here and want to bring the rubbish type life style they are so keen to leave,




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    March 3, 2018 11:35 AM NZDT

    can any one tell me why immigrants want to bring the stuff they are running away from to NZ> I came in 1962 to these beautifull shores and learnt to become a native! I am proud to be a NEW ZEALANDER! The Idiot governments of UK spoilt my homeland!